Sunday, September 15, 2019

Know Your Rights: Returning to Ireland

Know Your Rights: Returning to Ireland
September 2019

My son has been living in Australia for the last fifteen years and is planning to return to Ireland next year for good. Where can he find practical information about returning home?

The more prepared your son is, the easier his move home will be so he should start his research as soon as he can. Citizens Information has developed a new online Returning to Ireland resource with a broad range of information specifically intended for Irish citizens who are living abroad and are planning to return home to live in Ireland.

This new online resource is filled with practical information to help Irish citizens plan their return and settle back in Ireland as smoothly as possible.  It covers everything from residency applications for non-EU family members, applying for passports for children and accessing the public health system on your return to Ireland.
If your son is planning to start work when he returns he may want to know about PPS numbers, registering for tax purposes and getting recognition for foreign qualifications in Ireland.  If he is returning with a family or children he may need to know about applying for Child Benefit, enrolling in school or college and exemptions from learning the Irish language in school. The site also has information about converting a foreign driving license to an Irish one, getting car insurance as a returning Irish emigrant and travelling to Ireland with your pet. 
Further information is available from the Citizens Information Service below.

Know Your Rights has been compiled by South Connacht Citizens Information Service CLG, which provides a free and confidential service to the public.
Tel: 0761 07 6330 Address: Boyle CIC, Elphin Street, Boyle, Co. RoscommonInformation is also available online at and from the Citizens Information Phone Service, 0761 07 4000.

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