Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Census 2016

Know Your Rights: Census 2016


Can you explain how the census works? Do I have to complete the form?


The Census of Population counts every person who is in the State on a particular date. It establishes the size of the population in the State and it also helps to provide an accurate measure of population changes due to inward and outward migration.

The census takes place every 5 years and is carried out by the Central Statistics Office (CSO). The next census will be on Sunday 24 April 2016.

The census counts everyone who is present in the State on the designated night, including visitors who usually live abroad. Under the Statistics Act 1993, you are legally obliged to complete and return the census form. If you refuse to provide this information, or if you deliberately provide false information, you may be fined. Teams of enumerators deliver census forms to every household and to every other type of place where people may be present on census night (such as hotels, guesthouses, hospitals, ships). Everyone who is actually on the premises on census night, including visitors, should be counted. Census enumerators call to all households to deliver forms before census night and then call back to collect completed forms. Enumerators all carry ID and can help if you have difficulty completing the form.

The form includes a wide range of questions, including age, marital status, sex, place of birth, level of education, type of employment and housing characteristics. All the information that you give on the census form is confidential. The CSO only uses it for statistical purposes and no other organisation (including government departments or agencies) can access information from the census that would identify you in any way.

When you have completed the form on census night, sign the declaration at the end of it and keep it safe until your enumerator calls back to collect it.

Further information is available from the Citizens Information Centre below.

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